Saturday, March 21, 2015

Steve and Heath take on Falcon Lake for 2 days of combat fishing

Steve and Heath traveled to Zapata from the DFW area to take on some Falcon Toads.  We had a blast on the water, We spent most of our time in the thicket fishing huisache, retamas, hardwoods throwing spinnerbaits and soft plastics.  Our better fish came on soft plastics.  We really had a quality pattern going and eliminated the rats.  The rats seem to be in the 2 ft or less water and our best fish usually were in 4-7 feet.  Some of our net jobs we had were epic for example one 5 pounder was wrapped on a retama 5 feet under water, we extended the net 6 feet and were able to pull that baby up.  The second day was the better day even though we caught less fish.  We ended the day with a stringer a little over 28 pounds with our biggest weighing in at 7.80. I should say they, because I didn't catch a fish.

I really enjoyed these two on the boat and if you look closely at the faces of these men you will see a bunch of smiles.  That is what fishing is all about.
Thank you for the opportunity and business gents.


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