Monday, February 16, 2015

Jeff and Randy conquer Falcon Lake

I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff and Randy the past two days and I can tell you they will have bruises on their stomachs.  We caught the hell out of fish yesterday 48 to be exact, now many of them were piss ants, but we had quite a few 4s and 5s.  This was their first fishing of 2015 and they started it off right. Today we decided to go for a big bite before the weather busted loose.  We managed to catch about 15 fish.  Jeff put the biggest in the boat today.  Randy and I both had our asses handed to us.  My fish would not cooperate and decided she liked trees better than pictures.  Randy's 20 lb invisx was no match for his fish.  We got off the water when the North blew in and called it a day. 

On a side note Falcon Lake now has a new piece of structure in her.  My damn cell phone!!!  So if you need to call or text me I should have my new phone up and running by the end of today

good luck to all my Basschamp's clients this weekend.

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