Sunday, February 1, 2015

Falcon Lake was on fire today

Fished today with my brother as it was his birthday weekend and he chose to come fish Falcon. All I will say is that we whacked them. We had an absolute blast. My brother went out John Elway style his last cast was a 7 pounder. We quit fishing at 1230 so he could head back to San Antonio. This was some of the best fishing we have shared together on the boat in a long time. Our best 5 37 pounds and if we landed 3 of the ones that got away it would have easily been a 40 pound day with 2 possible DD's. Stayed tuned as I have clients for the next 5 days and you should see some very nice fish.  

If you are thinking about heading to Falcon now is the time.  I have some opening in February and would love to take you fishing. 

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