Saturday, February 28, 2015

Falcon Lake tough as Nails and miserable weather

We had a front move in yesterday and I will tell you it shut down the fishing.  I am sure someone caught them today, but it wasn't us.  Jim and Josh knew today was going to be a challenge and it was.  We started the day off with a few bites and one dink on a spinnerbait.  We moved around trying different area and different baits.  In the end we had a whopping total of 3 fish.  I did managed to catch this 7.5 pounder while fixing my reel handle.  Can you say deadstick?  Two of the fish came when the bait sat for longer than a minute.

When we got back from fishing the highlight of the day was the inch and a half Rib-eyes imported from Houston we grilled.  We had a great time on and off the water even though the fishing was less than stellar.

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