Saturday, January 31, 2015

Falcon Lake the last 2 days

I can't tell you how many fish we caught probably over 100, but we only caught a handful of females.  In the next few weeks the fishing will be awesome.  Right now it seems to be a numbers game and the ratio of buck bass to females is about 15 to 1.  That will change over the next few weeks.  Todd had our best fish that weighed in at 6.63.  I really enjoyed fishing with this crew and look forward to many more adventures in the near future.  We have already started to plan our Sugar trip for the spring.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lake Falcon Fishing with an OIF Disabled Veteran

I had the honor of fishing with one of our disabled Veterans Lupe and his brother Mike 2 days ago.  Lupe did two tours in Iraq.  The weather wasn't the best, but we had a blast on the boat.  We fished from 20 feet to 6 inches and had little success as far as fishing is concerned.  On the upside it was an absolute blast fishing with these two and they will be back for revenge in the near future.  The weather the last two days has kept me off the water, but I will be out 1st thing in the morning tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Falcon Lake is fishing tough

Over the weekend I had a good client and we struggled to put anything together he managed to catch one little dink.  I really thought the bite would turn on with all the great weather we have had here.  I am taking a client out today and I have my fingers crossed the bite will turn on.

Monday, January 12, 2015

BOOM BABY!! 11.04 caught today on Falcon Lake produces.......After being stuck in the house for the last 6 days due to weather today I was able to hit the water.  I was doing some scouting for trips I have coming up.  I hit a spot that has been producing some quality fish and today she kicked out this 11.04 giant.  The fish is absolutely gorgeous. I still have plenty of openings so book your trip now and come on down .

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1st trip on Falcon Lake 2015

I had the honor to take out another disabled Veteran James Combs.  James did 3 tours in Iraq as an Blackhawk crew chief.  Falcon Lake dealt us a cold day, but the wind was manageable.  Fishing started off pretty slow, we bounced around to a few spots early and were unsuccessful.  We made a long cold run and picked up spinnerbaits, James caught his first fish of 2015 that weighed in at 4.88.  This fished looked like a 3 pounder but had a belly on her that weighed damn near 2 pounds.  My first fish of 2015 weighed in at 2 pounds.  The sun actually came out for about 30 minutes and when it did we caught 7 fish in that time.  We had a great time on the water, but never got that big bite.  I think the fishing is about to turn on and the Prespawn pattern will be in effect.  I look forward to fishing Falcon Lake with James when it's a tad warmer and we can target some deeper fish.